Software and Hardware
Product Development Company

efactoryapp  is an independent enterprise software and high-quality electronics product development company. We take our customers' business to a new orbit helping them to develop and produce new world-class products for the high-tech market. We take care of all technical issues: we design hardware and develop software, create mechanical and industrial design for a new enclosure, launch production at the right location worldwide.


As a technology solution provider, efactoryapp have come a long-way in working with multi-national companies, Forbes Top-100 and Top-500 companies, leading organisations, corporates and government establishments. 

Our DNA:

  • Value-driven approach.
  • Focus on innovation and growth.
  • Cutting-edge technology.
  • Systems Integration expertise.
  • Faster rollout times.
  • Delivering competitive Real-time, High-performance systems.

Why efactoryapp?

  • Confidentiality, we protect customer's intellectual property
  • Comprehension, we understand the needs of the customer
  • Competence and quality, in everything we do
  • Enthusiasm, we are fully committed to our work
  • Trust, in building long-term relationships
  • Openness and decency, in work and in cooperation

We have unequivocal knowledge of how to design and build for scale, mature collaboration processes, and a broad network of world-class subject-matter experts to match each challenge. We’ll pick up your project from any development milestone—whether you’re just talking through an idea or tweaking a prototype, in the middle of a board bring-up, or sourcing for a contract manufacturer.

Multiple Competencies under One Roof

At efactoryapp, you’ll find the right people for the job under the same roof. From early-stage ideation to business and technology consulting to development. Whether you’re after a connected electronic product or a complex cloud solution, you'll get a complete range of services from an experienced one-stop shop service provider. With us, you’ll have a team of consultants, hardware designers, firmware programmers, software developers, DevOps, support, and test engineers working virtually next door. The result of a synchronized team effort may range form a workable electronic device sample which you can take to trial production to a full-scale solution architected with optimal load balance and scalability.

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