"Flow, is the only constant"

e F A C T O R Y   

Introducing eFactoryapp, the next generation innovative and intelligence platform for manufacturing industry, empowering companies to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and productivity, leading to cost savings and increased profitability.

Super Fast  &  Super Easy

Revolutionizing Production Monitoring Process

Visibility & Control

eFactoryapp seamlessly integrates all aspects of the manufacturing process, from planning and scheduling to execution and monitoring, providing a holistic and centralized view of operations.

On Time Decision

Optimized OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), Reduction in Down Time, Paperless factory with data-driven decision-making for enhanced productivity and competitiveness.

Real Time Dashboards 

Real time dashboard enhances visibility of operations across work flow. Kaizen Ready Dashboards.


Ultimate Benefits

Enhance Efficiency

Optimized Performance for Maximum Results

Inbuilt Report Builder

Advanced Report Building Tool at Your Fingertips

Reduced Scrap Waste

Maximizing Resource Conservation through Scrap Waste Reduction

Boost in Overall Productivity and Profitability

Maximizing productivity and profitability for unparalleled success

Optimum Resource Allocation

Strategic resource allocation for peak performance

Improved Quality Control

Elevated Quality Control Excellence

Track and Trace

Maximize Security and Efficiency with Cutting-Edge Track and Trace Technology

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Top Features

Unified and Holistic Platform

Scalability and Flexibility

Enhance Agility 

Reduce Production Costs

AI-Powered Innovation

User-Friendly Interface   

Risk Mitigation

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Predictive Maintenance 

Supply Chain Management Optimization